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Disclaimer:  The legal information provided on this website is the product of Legal Aid NorthWest Texas (LANWT). None of the legal information on this website is associated with or the product of the Office of the Attorney General of Texas or any of its employees.

Q. What is an inquiry?

A. An inquiry is a request for information rather than a communication intended to display dissatisfaction with something that has happened. An inquiry may be a request for:

  1. Child support services.
  2. Case status.
  3. Action on a case.
  4. General information.
  5. Financial information.


Customers with inquiries can call any of the following numbers:

Harris County:……………...……713-243-7100
Dallas/Tarrant County:…………..972-339-3100
Bexar County:……………………210-841-8450
Travis County:……………….......512-514-7000
El Paso:……………….………….915-779-2388

Please check your local listings as numbers may change.

Inquiries may also be made:

  • By mail at:
    Office of the Attorney General
    Child Support Division

    P.O. Box 12017
    Austin, Tx. 78711-2017
  • By Internet at:
  • Email:
  • By Telephone:
    24 hour Voice Information Response System,
    For the Deaf,
    800-572-2686 (TTY) or 512-460-6417 (TTY)

Q. How can I file a complaint about the way I feel I have been treated by someone at the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support office?

A. The Child Support Division of the Office of the Attorney General has established an Ombudsman Program that provides a uniform process of receiving, resolving, and tracking complaints. The Child Support Division recognizes each customer’s right to prompt and courteous assistance. The staff is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of professional commitment and personal service, particularly to the parents and children of Texas.

A complaint is different from an inquiry. (See: What is an Inquiry?) A complaint should involve dissatisfaction regarding one of two areas:

  1. The standard of services provided by the Child Support Division, or
  2. The behavior of a Child Support Division employee.

A complaint must be submitted in writing to the local field office handling the child support case to be processed by the Ombudsman Complaint Program. The Attorney General has created Form 1600, Child Support Complaint Form, to assist customers in completing a complaint. A form can be obtained from any local Child Support Division field office in person or by telephone. A form can also be downloaded from .

Q. What happens after a complaint is submitted?

A. After the local field office receives a written complaint or completed Form 1600, the complaint is documented on the child support computer system so that a record can be maintained. An investigation then takes place which may include:

  1. Discussing the matter further with the customer,
  2. Researching the computer records and files,
  3. Talking to persons who are subjects of the complaint.

The customer is provided with quarterly updates until the complaint is resolved. Once resolved, the customer and other persons who are subjects of the complaint are notified. The resolution is documented in the child support computer system.

Q. Who handles the complaint?

A. The Child Support Ombudsman Program has been established to handle complaints. The program consists of an ombudsman in each field office and regional office. There is also a State Office Ombudsman in Austin, Texas, who is responsible for overseeing the program. If a complaint cannot be resolved within the appropriate field office, it is forwarded to the regional or State Office for processing.

Q. Are the records of a complaint kept private?

A. A record of the following information is kept for each complaint received:

  1. The name of the customer submitting the complaint.
  2. The date the complaint was received.
  3. The nature of the complaint.
  4. The name of each person contacted during the investigation.
  5. A summary of the results


All complaints are documented and tracked to ensure a timely response. All information regarding a complaint is kept private in accordance with the Child Support Division’s confidentiality policies.

Q. How long will it take to resolve a complaint?

A. Each complaint is different, depending on the circumstances. The complaint process begins immediately upon receipt of a written complaint in the field office. Staff members work diligently to resolve complaints as quickly as possible. The customer and any person who is the subject of the complaint will receive a quarterly update as to the status of the investigation. Notification is also provided to all parties concerned when a complaint is resolved.

Q. How can I file a complaint about the way I have been treated by the judge involved in my case?

 A.  For complaints about judges: 

Access the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct main site at: and click on the Complaints about Judges section in the upper right hand corner.  The site offers step-by-step instructions. 

The Commission does not accept complaints by telephone, fax, or email.  To file a complaint, you may download a complaint form (available in English and Spanish) from this website, or you may request a complaint form by calling 512-463-5533 or toll-free at 1-877-228-5750.   You may also write a letter outlining your complaint, which should provide the following information:  

  • your contact information including a valid address and telephone number;
  • the judge’s name and judicial office or title;
  • the specific conduct or action you believe was improper, including sufficient facts to describe what occurred;
  • the names of any witnesses and their contact information, such as addresses and telephone numbers; and
  • if applicable, copies (not originals) of any documents, correspondence, or other evidence that substantiate the allegations of judicial misconduct.

Send your complaint to the following address:

State Commission on Judicial Conduct
PO Box 12265
Austin TX  78711


Q. How can I file a complaint about the way I have been treated by an attorney involved in my case?

 A.  For complaints about attorneys:

 The Texas Bar Association main site is and click on the client assistance/grievance in the left-hand sidebar.  The grievance process for disputes with attorneys is available here.

 For help in resolving problems between clients and attorneys, contact CAAP at (800) 932-1900 or (800) 204-2222, ext. 1790. Send letters: Attn: CAAP, PO Box 12487, Austin, Tx 78711-2487. 


Q. How can I file a complaint about the way I have been treated by a private child support agency?

 A.  For complaints about private child support agencies (non-governmental):

 Complaints about private child support agencies are through the Department of Banking.  There is a webpage that explains this at . Click on Consumer Info and Complaints for further information.  This applies to non-governmental agencies only.